EuroWeblogs a failure or Hit ?
the initiative is cool but I think euro-people do not want to use it. If it is web-enabled (blogger / MT option??) than it’s more better. (Check ie. Blogspot!)
That’s really a hit!.

(Sorry but I do not want to pay for a prg which is slow in upstreaming, crashing when closing and not serving my needs (sorry radio people). The idea’s are ok, but Damn what am I happy with MT and Drupal.

One thought on “EuroWeblogs

  1. Punkey says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Radio is a nice program in it’s idea (weblogging, CMS), but not webenabled, not stable and clogging up resources.
    I do like the RSS/XML features in it, still waiting for Blogger to implement it. In the meantime, I’ll build it myself :-)

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