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It’s nice those networks with WiFi, but I think wireless is TOO much expensive still.
It’s nice to see the development of all kind of initiatives here locally in Holland but I think it is to early yet.

Try to find an IN-expensive AccessPoint with the possibility to add an external bi-directional antenna (building your own is not allowed). Psst do not forget to buy the correct connectors. Good Luck!

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  1. I respect your opinion but don’t agree with you. If the market will be ready in 6 to 12 months I think it would be very good timing to have your service up and running right now. And the other thing, we do see people driving up to our HuhHops to check mail and surf the web. It might look strange but it works!

    We started HubHop 2 years ago when I and some of my friends bought Airport Base Stations and started sharing the connection. We all use Powerbooks with Airport Cards in them and can work everywhere. I had 2 friends over today who just worked here all day. It works and it works today.

    I hope you will add your access Point to our database too, if you do you are welcome to check your mail at my Access Point whenever you are in Amsterdam or any of the other cities that have HubHops…

  2. Dennis says:

    I’ve added myself to your database. The service is ‘as-is’ and I wiss you good luck and I hope I’m wrong :-)
    Maybe I’m a litte pessimistic, but: that’s me.

  3. Dennis says:


    First of all: I like wireless and I use it at my home. My profession gives me the opportunity to see and follow the development of 802.11x
    I use stuff with PRISM/PRISM2/INTERSIL/ATMEL chipset solutions.

    The problem I see is that people do not buy wireless due to the fact that they do not perform the way they think it can perform. (ie. 400Meters with single AP at 11Mbps).

    Try to find an AP with extra Antenna like the product ie. Curry is using for a reasonable price.

    Price is still high and people using it will be businesspeople.

    maybe in large crowded environmnents this will work, but I live in Apeldoorn and I cannot imagine someone stop for my building and hook on my network ;-)

    In future when 54Mbps will be deployed and being used and prices will drop to ie. a normal Network PC-Card (or embedded into Notebooks) than there can be future. But I think this will be +6 to 12 Months.

    So too early: in my opinion the idea is really cool, but I do not see a real-big market yet.

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