Punkey Down

Punkey is down. Temporary.
Due to failure of paid weblog systems (Blogger Pro), FREE services getting pop-ups and other stuff.
Punkey worked with ColdFusion and is working on a own weblog system right now.

And that is one of the reason I want ot host my own Weblog System (Movabletype).

Blogger I used more than 4 month’s during my ‘trip around the world’ and it failed more than once. When you are in youth hostels and have to pay for every minute online it’s frustrating that posts have been vanished in nowhere when you try to publish it. But hey in that time it was FREE! [services as-is]

I read from a number of people that Blogger PRO services (paid service) still failed and that they complain. People: there are good services/programs available! For free or a little donation. Do not rely on services you cannot host yourself.

Yes I still use Blogger sometimes ;-)

3 thoughts on “Punkey Down

  1. Punkey says:

    I’m still working with Cold Fusion. http://www.frank-ly.nl is our companyweblog and is build in Cold Fusion. I just have to customize and tweak some settings and we’re ready to go :-) Now, if only I could get SQL working on my machine….

  2. Dennis says:

    My site is able to use, perl, php and mysql so there is no need for me to use Lycos …

    I cannot see Lycos is serving my needs :-)

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