Some dutch do understand

Some dutch do understand and do read the international weblog scene.

Frank-ly wrote a dutch article about the mindbombs from last week.
Even when you are not dutch you can follow the links and get the picture!
Finally someone who agrees with me and Punkey

Can you imagine the biggest* weblogs in Holland do NOT have a RSS feed?
Tonie, a journalism student busy weblogging, but no rss feed. Even no time to answer e-mail about this issue.
Retecool, person always giving comments about people/websites trying to get them pissed.
Gaby407, a person using different sources for his weblog but hardly ever mentions his sources..
Smoel, a webmagazine with different people weblogging

I have a number of regular visitors. Some do comment here, some never. A weblog does not show his popularity by counting comments. Of course: do your own thing, but RSS/XML is and will be the future. Spread your words. Let people get your headlines!

Polskaya wrote at his website (in dutch) perfect what RSS/XML is meant for:
Met RSS stel je de inhoud van bv je blog open voor andere media. Zij kunnen jou inhoud dan implementeren in hun ‘ding’ (zie bv ). Heel interessant om jou inhoud zonder moeite en up-to-date beschikbaar te maken voor al diegen die iets met jouw informatie kunnen aanvangen. Als je dat wil tenminste :)

12 thoughts on “Some dutch do understand

  1. Dennis says:

    Okay clear. How the hell where they able to install Greymatter? :-)
    Updating greymatter is hell than I think. :-)

  2. hj says:

    I will ask them later today if I pointed it out right.There’s only one thing that I don’t get:installing the cgi files in the cgi-bin is a one time only thing,you login in that cgi-bin and make a post,easy.But how does their index file get updated automatically every time?
    It’s not in their cgi-bin.
    (If you see some sites tonight that appears to be hacked or down,it wasn’t me…:-)

  3. lennert says:

    Like I said before, Tonie needs a RSS feed! Immediately :) And his blog is pivot powered, so it should be possible.

  4. hj says:

    I know 2 weblogs(not mentioned in your article) who wanted to have xml/rss,and all was set up for that,but they can’t due to hosting regulations(locked cgi-bin).
    So it’s not all about not getting it :-)

  5. Dennis says:

    afaik it has nothing to do with cgi-bin. (cause mainly it’s only template driven.
    it’s: which cms do you use?
    blogger,movabletype,greymatter,blogger pro, livejournal, pivot, radio .. ?

    I believe you but I can hardly imagine…

  6. hj says:

    It’s with greymatter,you have to connect the xml file to the main update file and give chmod rights to the xml-file to get it updated as soon as a new post is made on the main entry.
    Problem is that they have to have all the cgi files in the cgi-bin and that one is locked in their case.So it won’t write to their xml-file.
    (Hope you can follow me in this tech-txt LOL)

  7. Dennis says:

    Thanks Bob, that is surprising me.

    As journalist…, weblogger and reader of many sources not wanting to use.. Mmmm

    Does he has a reason? I think that as a journalist he wants to have a big audience. He is discussing about bad CMS’s etc.. etc.. .. I think he misses a big big part of weblogging not using RSS.

    Maybe it is nice to see a weblog entry from him about why he does not want to use RSS.

    RSS/XML evangelist.

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