Live from Schiphol

Arrived at Schiphol and using one of their PC’s for blogging :-) That’s what I call addicted.

Problem: Wireless does work, you get an IP address from the Schiphol internet Accesspoint, (nearby the B and C gate) the gateway is working but the personal access code is NOT verified. So not wireless Internet. Maybe I can comment (and I will). Using on of the fixed-machines does work. But from my notebook with wireless WIFI card. NOPE ..
The clock is ticking. 15 minutes for 2.95 Euro. It’s worth trying.

Attingo does not have many restrictions. I can use my livestream here at the system. Listening to Janet Jackson right now. That’s cool .. :-) (yes volume can be set very loud !!)

No delays expected with Transavia to Barcelona. at 20.15 I will be picked up by a collegue.


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