Was it a little Earthquake?

This morning: a little earthquake in Apeldoorn (NLD). For 10 seconds our flat building was moving. It was not only our building but even in the city-hall people noticed it. Let’s see if ‘real’ news like newspapers will cover this. (and at what speed). Blogging is fast.

3 thoughts on “Was it a little Earthquake?

  1. Je was het Nieuws op Ned. 1 net voor. Die openden het journaal om 8 uur met de melding van de aardbeving in Nederland.
    Handig zo’n goeie tipgever :-)

    xxx-jes, Lilian

  2. Stephan says:

    It has been noticed in Germany too. There’s a DPA newsbit talking about it at welt.de’s “news ticker”

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