Question: Does she know? [Sony Versus Page3]


:: Sony Holland released a new album .. ::
I saw the cover and thought: I’ve seen her before and blogged before …. Thinking .. found!

Her name: Zoe, and the picture at the album-cover is a direct rip from Page 3
Yes she is a famous Page3 Girl from The Sun ;-)

Does she know? What about $$$ ? :-)
Find here for free a 269 pics slideshow

2 thoughts on “Question: Does she know? [Sony Versus Page3]

  1. Noticed that the ‘right click’ disabled quite recently “to my astonishment” pop-up’s and that don’t go together… and a very anglo-saxon raced editor leader MUST CLASH…
    Heading the end of tabloid publishing in the UK if they don’t find their feet soon!…

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