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Last week I was very busy with some personal things. Marriage of my girlfriends sister, work, streaming media, linux and wireless.
I want too much and I have so little time. Cause I’m not married wity my PC, but with my girlfriend ;-)

Right now trying to find a lot of dance-classics in the remix/12-inch.
I am happy with the ‘alt.binaries.remixes.mp3’ newsgroups.
DMC-Mixes, Mainstream, 12″, megamixes, remixes you name it: it’s posted there. Downloading music from when I was 15, 16, 17 ..

My personal taste about music is the 80’s .. cause the age of ‘captain jack’ does suck big time.

Remember: Bond van Doorstarters, Minimix, 3 maal doordraai, And the Beat goes on, In the mix, mjum jum jum.

My wish: 1 or 2 hours radio from back then every week.

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