Dutch national radio sucks !

Dutch national radio sucks; especially in the morning.

As a huge remix/mix fan we listen to mixes / combi-mixes / 12″s at the radio.
Our beloved (?) DJ Rob Stenders has a ‘combi-mix’ item with DJ ARNO
I think that sucks!

After playing todays messy remix the following comments were made:
‘Arno, you had warned us that it sounds ugly sometimes …… ‘
yeah, said arno, it’s a remix, he …

With this he states that he is not able to mix a nice combimix what is sounding awesome!

That sucks! Cause why are you using your name for crap? And why is crap broadcasted anyway?

Because you are a friend of the DJ? Is there no quality involved?.
So crap is allowed. Is this what I am paying my taxes for? (Dutch public radio is financed by the dutch tax payers).

It’s a shame cause a lot of remixers are out here doing 100 times a better job!

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