Veronica Radio

Veronica Radio has a new studio.
Last Friday: Grand Opening.

From 18.00 to 20.00: Into the Groove by Martin Boer

Mixfreaks were listening and what happened? more than 10 minutes a CD was playing the same 2 or 3 seconds again and again and again ..

Was The Party (alcohol? / beer?) more important for the responsible technical engineer than the ‘automatic-show’?
Cheese in your fingers create dirty CD’s. (or is there any other explanation?)

B.t.w. Sound of the new studio still sucks through the satellite.
They use an old Warsanis for Processing the sound of the DJ’s.
To be installed: an Orban 8400 also for sound processing, but when how and who’s going to configure it .. no idea..

Psst people of Veronica: We already have a sucking sound of Radio538 (they do not understand anything about quality broadcasting). So please please: improve your sound ASAP.
Check ADR (EINS LIVE) they know how to broadcast with correct sound quality !!!!

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