Life is about: everything you enjoy.

Enjoying the sunday. Tomorrow back to work.

Learning about apache, indexes, robots and creating stuff I like

Yesterday was a day with great Year-Mixes (Oliver Momm Gigamix 2002 & DJ Sandstorm’s 3FM Mix .. after that: The Adams Family.

Some things I noticed
– TV in the Car
– Piercing in the nose
– Cat & Mouse game
– Music, well chosen
– Bad Wine
– Bad Toilet
– Friends & Family
– Fake snow
– Apple
– Large big ‘PC Screen for learning to fly helicopter?’

I surely want to see Adam blog on TV .. to interact with his readers
Like me: shouting at the screen: You looser when I see things I do not like etc
Watching TV giving comments but than: different..

One thought on “Life

  1. Sorry that i am a bit of topic here.
    I am looking for technical writer who is compute savvy.
    I like how you put your words together. If you are interested could you email me your rates.

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