Yesterday very busy configuring my Linux Server as Mailserver with the help of Marcel. WOW.. getting ESMTP mail from outside and get it from the POP server is working..

Kewl ..
I needed this cause I want to setup the server as a ‘test-environment’ so all things must be working..

A test environment to use stuff not being able to use at this host.

5 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Dennis says:

    Thanks, I think we did this yesterday. But I will ask Marcel to double check this with me. Right now problems with sending mail (receiving is working). (relaying denied is the error right now)

  2. /etc/mail/access
    and add the ip’s of the machines who are allowed to post. You can check that it works by sending mail directly from the linux server, is default on.

  3. Dennis says:

    problem found with: local networks
    I had to add my IP address.. than opening port 110 in my router cause pop suddenly stopped working when I tried to use the dns name..

    But now: dennis -at- mixfans.org is working

  4. Don’t forget to configure IMAP as well (imapd). It’s the only descent system if you have multiple clients and want to be able to read the mail from all clients.

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