Apache Logfile to RSS

Anyone an idea why this PERL script does not work at a Cobalt?
I get: malformed header from script. Bad header=BEGIN failed–compilation abor: /usr/cgiwrap/cgiwrap

No Idea what is going wrong.

Thomas is helping, but cannot give a solution yet .. it’s working at his site ..

6 thoughts on “Apache Logfile to RSS

  1. it looks like a cgi-wrapper problem, so be very sure that the print line reads exactly
    and be very sure that the line-breaks are correct.

    can you edit the script when it’s live (i.e. on the server)? if so, try rewriting the first line of the script and put a new linebreak at the end.

    also try this;


    instead of BEGIN {
    and replace all the line-feeds of those lines
    with new ones at unix-level.

    what type of ftp-client were you using when uploading?
    try uploading the zip and unpack it on the server.
    check what type of line-feed the original file is having, may very well be unofficial.

  2. Dennis says:

    I’ve used a language editor, I’ve used vi @ the shell ..
    the problem persist ..

    I’ve no idea what’s the cause.
    Uploading with Windows Commander .. Just like I’m doing all the time with MovableType (CMS software running @ perl).

  3. Did you ever solve this problem? I’ve just migrated from one server to another and am now having this problem with a variety of scripts.

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