Zeroday: No comments – No Updates

After 10 updates, without hardly any comments but only a lot of leechers it’s simple: no comments, no updates ..

13 thoughts on “Zeroday: No comments – No Updates

  1. Gello says:

    What can I say except where is this resort cuz I wanna go. These girls are fantastic. I loved the nude aerobics and the pool party. Magnificent, who are they and where do get a set.


  2. Dennis says:

    I’ll try to manage to get the 11th set online tonight .. :-)
    still some nice shoots to go even the ones not seen everywhere yet.

  3. all these pics have been awesome. i’ve passed your url around the office and have gotten alot of compliments.

    i thought at one time you had listed the url from which these pics came but i can’t find it anymore. is it still up?

  4. Gray Thunder says:

    Heck, betaalde Daarom ik $35.00. Veroorzaak ik weet het kostte tijd, inspanning, trekken je hair uit. Maar ik weet u te van het genoot. Kom op dude, het is zoals stoppen in midden slag. Ja schonk ik het geld voor de plaats. ..not de girls!

    Vrede, William Grijze Donder

    PS my Dutch is not that well.

  5. Dennis says:

    LOL .. your dutch is okay Gray :-) LOL

    En nope: de url met ‘all the pics’ is er niet mer (ik heb er ook niet meer op gezocht)
    D’r is wel aan te komen hoor, je ken ze grabben via: ophalen ..
    maar ze hebben een leuke beveiliging … :-)

  6. TroisBandes says:

    Sorry about the no comments. I was linked to the ZeroDay site from another webpage ( so I did not know how to email you or post a comment. I love this set of pictures, ever since a saw a few of the pics on another website. I spent about a week searching the web for more of the set, and then I happened to stumble onto you release. My only regret is that i missed the first 100 pics, but I am thrilled that I have been able to download the last 101-999 of them. And I hope you continue posting any of the others you have of these girls.

  7. euro says:

    What can I say after looking at those beautiful girls….. We want more (at least I want – please)

  8. Zeke says:

    My story is the same as TroisBandes. Enjoyed the pics very much and am hoping you’ll rethink this decision.

  9. nervous says:

    thank you dennis

    i also enjoy these fotos as well as the other mixfans stuff! you have quite the eye for tasteful photography ;)

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