11 thoughts on “Zeroday: 1301-1400 [14th series]

  1. please keep ’em coming. you are always one of the first places i go in the day to read what you have going on. difference of time really hits me though. i’m in southeast texas usa so its only about 4pm now and by the time you post i’m getting ready to go home.

  2. Pulpo says:

    14th series!!??

    Is this going too fast or am I in slow motion?
    Here in Barcelona we don´t have any difference of time but I think I´ve lost some of the series… :-)

  3. Mr.Nose Terrorista says:

    is there any chance those series are gonna be displayed again from the beggining???? Is there anywhere else we can find them?
    I lost the first series, so… :(

    well cya,

  4. BitTorrent sounds like a plan. I hardly catch any of these sets because I can only get about 1/2 hour spare to jump on the computer each evening. (So far I have one set of 100 and they’re v nice)Goes without saying that I can’t view them at work so I see the trailer for each new set but can’t see the content. :)

    I’d be happy to trade some upload bandwidth for extended availability. Which sounds like BitTorrent to me. :)

  5. Dennis says:

    Bittorrent whould be surely a nice experiment for me .. :-)

    But only after I finish the whole serie ..

    Be prepared that I am planning to release this weekend (fridaynight/saturday) 2 series !!!

    Part 15 & 16 .. which will be removed saturday evening late ..

  6. Dennis says:

    – Maybe after the series finished I will post

    * Some video(s) only a few cause they suck
    * Maybe I will put up a ZIPPER (but I doubt it)
    * Maybe I will put up a BITTORRENT FILE

    And yes: you have to be fast, fast to get it ..
    Most of the time when it has reached 1GB of uploading I kill it, or when I need the bandwidth myself ..

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