ZeroDay update: no competition

ZeroDay has bandwidth problems so there will be no updates
more news here

3 thoughts on “ZeroDay update: no competition

  1. dr. greenthumb says:

    Quote: “The fun is to share stuff with others enjoying not to create a competition of it.”

    => you made a competition of it by password locking the site, and only put them online between different hours..
    And the site you are referring to, is also down, they put all of the series offline.. (but I got them before they did, hehe ;))

    But I understand, I can believe that if you put such babes online, you’ll certainly get in troubles with bandwith, if you don’t have enough..

    I guess someone will be generous to share some bandwith with the others..

    I’m outty

    grtz, dr. greenthumb

  2. Dennis says:

    Password and time online was & is only to save ‘bandwidth’ just only for those who want to have it, not to be mentioned at too many sites.. but that experiment failed: nude scores..

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