7 thoughts on “WAR

  1. the first american marine was killed in action this morning. :(

    one thing i don’t understand is why people think that not going to war will keep the peace in the world. does that make sense? those people in chicago (or wherever) that were marching for peace are ignorant. not that i think we’re going to be able to keep the peace by invading Iraq but we’re definately a step closer with Saddam out of the picture…

  2. Mike says:

    Regarding human shileds: only those nations founded on principles of freedom and the consent of the governed have ever responded to civil disobedience, acknowledged and corrected their mistakes and lived up, however imperfectly at times, to their ideals. Though not without struggle, suffering and even death, that is why Mohandas K. Gandhi prevailed in India. That is why Martin Luther King Jr. overcame in Alabama. That is why the students failed in Tiananmen Square. And that is why no human shield will ever ride the bus in Jerusalem.

  3. Bush Enthusiast says:

    Its about time… America needed to flex its muscles and prove they will back their words…

  4. French-less says:

    The crazy thing is that America is actually backing the UN’s word, not their own. Bush ‘the idiot’ is one shrewd poker player and just left the table with everyone else’s money

  5. Gray Thunder says:

    Any type of NBC, WoMD, HiSLE, and all those other nasty goodies need to be removed.
    Not just to make the world a safer place cause in really it will not, just to get them out of the hands of people that want to do harm to others.
    “We” went throught the Cubian Missle crises and came out ok.
    Now we must come clean of a man that supports groups/cells of destruction.
    And yes the US Military shot down a SCUD missle which “He” was not to have in his hands.

    Lets try to keep the Peace,
    William GT

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