Mixfreaks Remix: JB’s slow remix

Jerry Beke, who is a longtime remixer/producer made in his spare time a great remix of
Jody Watley’s – Don’t you want me.

He used the original acapella and some original samples made by Peter Slaghuis (which were used for his DMC mix)
Used gear: S3000XL…S950…CS1X…AN1X…A-Station…MC-303…Halion (VST instr.)…
The delay en reverb are from a Lexicon and some plugins of Native Instruments……

Enjoy: Jody Watley-Don’t you want me……(JB’s “slow” Remix)
remember: less is more !

2 thoughts on “Mixfreaks Remix: JB’s slow remix

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    Speaking of mixn, have any suggestions on D.J. Software? Seen or know of any great ones?

    Keepem Freakn,

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