Trein accident Apeldoorn 30-04-2003


Trainwagons with steel of Chorus went off the rails in Apeldoorn nearby the station.

Today we went to the site and have made some images of the removal of the scraped iron

5 thoughts on “Trein accident Apeldoorn 30-04-2003

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    Some one done messed up bad!

    There head phones was not tuned to mixed freaks?


  2. Gray Thunder says:

    If I recall correctly the boom on the crane is out about 200′, I noticed the snatch block is double headed and it is double reivied .

    Note: every crane is different with footage on boom, so I am just looking at the photos.

    Pugh & Associates Heavy Equipment Operations

    P.S. Now I hope and pray my landscaping doesn’t fall in.

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