Video Editing

after 6 months hard working ;-) finally the last step has made:
My World Trip Movie project is finshed.
The video recorded to DVD, DV-TAPE and VCR .. even available on the Net
(we only have to fix a small ‘bug’ in the America wmv file)
I think we did a great job.

Want to see / read more? find here more about my Worldtrip

3 thoughts on “Video Editing

  1. Gray Thunder says:


    Which Video Editing Program did you use?
    I am looking for one were I can go from high 8mm video to computer editing program then slide any form of .wav, .mp3, ect. mask over the last product which would be a DVD for poeple to view.
    I have been looking but still unsure of the programs out there. One cost 999.00 USD to 29.00 USD.
    Just want to produce a well built DVD.
    Any ideas ppl???

    Peace and Light,
    William GT

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