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I’m not really satisfied with the TV Guide RSS/XML stuff I created yesterday.
okay I can created 3 feeds out of one html page (thanks Mike) but ..

Problem is that normally within a feed new entries are added. Here old entries
are removed. So when an entry is removed you see a strange effect: it’s not organized correctly anymore :-(

This feed needs te be organized by time .. (or description) .. Think Think

Maybe I’ll try something else tonight. (or maybe there is another tv guide available??)

7 thoughts on “TV Guide rss/xml

  1. dennis says:

    it works as long as it works.. I’m not going to do things without a proxy ..
    Maybe they will learn from it and start their own feeds.

  2. mike says:

    I almost feel sorry that I’m causing you these headaches! ;-) I’m not sure it’s worth continuing.. who knows? some station might actually start doing it themselves..

  3. dennis says:

    there is no a href available for the programs.

    I’ll think I’ll write an e-mail to the developer of myheadlines to add an option to change the behaviour, but I think this will be not possible.

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