To be funky or not

Damn.. I’m following the RSS story for a long long time…
First there was the RSS 0.91, than RSS 0.92 than RSS 1.0 which can be called RDF than RSS 2.0. (can you follow??) now it’s all about: ‘Funky RSS feeds’
(I even do not try to give you some permalinks as we have disputes about using LINKS and GUIDS ..) all need to be validated ..

I’ve several ‘syndicated’ feeds available (but no 0.91 & 0.92 anymore), mmm and I see a funky rss 2.0 feed ;-) [1], [2], [3] [4] and for today I seem to have a new not funkey feed created..

So select which feed you want: content keeps the same ..

One thought on “To be funky or not

  1. Punkey says:

    I’m getting a bit tired about Mr Winer’s comments on RSS and how things should be done like he says it should. Now the whole thing about links and GUIDS is just absurd. Why use “links” in RSS for the link in your post? What I’ve you got several links in one post? It’s just silly…

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