Trying to get a Blogger T-Shirt


Nice T-shirt not? So I tried to order it through the googlestore as it was advertised at blogger ONLY $9

So I ordered 2 XL men’s T-shirts and 1 Medium Sized Woman’s.

2 Men’s Blogger T-shirt – $10.50 – $21.00 size: XX-Large
1 Women’s Blogger T-Shirt – $11.25 – $11.25 size: Medium

3 T-shirts for this amount of money is payable.

But today I was informed about the ‘shippingscost for international orders’
Yup.. AMR is living in The Netherlands .. You know: wooden shoes, windmills .. & Hans Brinker

Thank you for placing this Google Store order………….
“In addition, we ship international orders via free domicile and any duties and taxes incurred for your international shipment are also calculated in the
shipping charge shown below, as well as a $25 processing fee for international orders.
Therefore, the total shipping charge for this order is $103.90 to ship via UPS Int’l Standard shipping”.

Processing fee: $25 that’s 78.90 … from the actual price 32.25 they add more than 240% for duties & taxes… Yeah Right ..

Thank you blogger for offering me a T-shirt JUST $9

order cancelled.

5 thoughts on “Trying to get a Blogger T-Shirt

  1. Mike says:

    I live in the USA and I have heard that taxes are higher in Europe, but do you really pay “more than 240% for duties & taxes”? Dude, it’s time to move.

  2. dennis says:

    normal tax here is 19% ..
    So I cannot imagine why the ‘google’ store would add 240% for duties and taxes

  3. Dennis says:


    I think that is bull.
    it’s in no way acceptable to add 240% for shipping and / or tax and handling (which was mentioned apart).

    If you want to make money you are not allowed to advertise your product as ONLY $9 .. that’s misleading.

    When I order 3 shirts for a total amount of $35 I can accept $25 for shipping/tax/handling but not that I have to pay $103 ..

  4. Recently I ordered and bought a NEW CD for only 16 Euro from an online US store.
    Other online stores want me to pay idiotic tax and/or delivery rates similar to the one Dennis is experiencing with googlestore. Like, HULLOH, then you JUST KNOW something smells fishy, wouldn’t you say?

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