it’s all in the name

This morning I read the essay from Adam about RSS in the Lowlands

Adam is pointing to his own aggegrator which he wants to make public (I see his newsbin hitting my local server every hour). His aggegrator is not different than the ‘myheadlines’ feature I have running at my local server.

But it’s all in the name. I’m Dennis, he is AC .. I’m attracting a different kind of people to my weblog and it seems they do not need feeds for online reading.
Only a few people request some feeds. And those feeds I scrape. (building rss/xml feed from a normal webpage if rss/xml does not exist at that page).

There have been a number of people explaining (dutch language) RSS and syndication. [example 1] & [example 2]

The question is: is there need for online aggegrators if there are numerous offline aggegrators available?

from my point of view: within the dutch weblog community there seems only little interest in syndication. So I will look with interest to his demonstration to see if his explanation will be sufficient to attract more people to aggegrators.

And maybe than more people will see and enjoy the power of reading news online.

One thought on “it’s all in the name

  1. Inderdaad, het is nix nieuws, maar als je het doel kunt bereiken via een bekende kop als die van Adam Curry, waarom ook niet?

    Ik maak trouwens dankbaar gebruik van je RSS newsfeeds, zowel op m’n site als met NewzCrawler. Maakt de chaotische digitale wereld toch weer een stukje overzichtelijker!

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