Buying a house

These summermonth’s we are looking for houses. Houses which you can buy.
Today our first visit to a house we were interested in.

Biggest problem was that the selling party did not want to lower their price at all. So the price was not negotiable. Pffff.. Ok. We will search further. That’s life.

2 thoughts on “Buying a house

  1. dennis says:

    nope, not leaving Apeldoorn.
    But we have time. ;-)
    But with all things in life, you have to experience it to be able to talk about it. Now we can ;-)

  2. nicolas says:

    Dennis, it’s not a good time now to have to buy a house. Prices are way up! Interest rates are down tho, so that is the only advantage.

    I think people, who are selling, have been too optimistic about their ‘overwaarde’ so they don’t want to drop their asking price. They will have to if their house is still on the market after a year :)

    Success in finding a new home. Does this mean you will leave Apeldoorn?

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