News is running slow

Especially here in the Netherlands. This morning I observed following:

looking at the Worldchampionship Swimming in Barcelona I watched the series 100m freestyle Woman – 9.00h at Europort (german spoken, free channel on the ASTRA satellite)
With interest I was looking at the races of Chantal Groot and Marleen Veldhuis
I know Marleen very long as she was member of the same swimclub I am member of.

I saw Chantal Groot to be 3rd in her series and Marleen even 2nd in Hers.
Marleen took about 0.3 seconds of her best time from 55.48 to 55.17 placing 3rd for the half finals.. Look I think that’s news especially here in Holland. So why wait untill an official news agency does mention it.

I could have written this message direct after the series to show the power of weblog news publishing. But I did not. Missed change ;-)

Tonight at 18.00 half finals !!!

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