prophecy: RSS in Holland

RSS is getting mainstream. More and more site do implement RSS for syndication usage.

I predict that in the next few months more and more NEWS sites will implement the feeds, so that there is no need for scraping anymore

If not: Dutch News sites will be not interesting as news media anymore (were they?)

I’ve tracked a number of self-scraped sites right now and 90% of the news here is from ANP or NOVUM and they copy it all.

It’s preferred that all the Local NewsPapers with the vignette server do add news. Right now I’m scraping some local stuff and it’s working. So why not use it? I see the headline; an excerpt and I visit the site and see your advertisements. Kewl not?

Planet Multimedia, Quotenet, All Wegener Newspapers and of course Webwereld (yes you have RSS), but make it public, not only the trillian feed !:
For all: please add RSS to your sites

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