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I’ve tried to get ‘Google Adsense’ to my weblog, but they say that my website is primarily or entirely non-english.

WOW.. I know my english is far from perfect, but primarily not in english?
Wat do I miss?
Entering my data I noticed that I could only enter my domain, not the URL of the weblog, the button for the blog is available at the main page.
So I was not able to point to my blog .. When you visit my ‘main’ page you will find a few pages in dutch. telling who I am bla bla bla.. old, outdated….

I would love to see ‘weblogs’ from people with Adsense from ie. Europe to see if it’s not only US based… cause this answer from google is not satisfying.

We appreciate your interest in serving AdWords ads on your website. Currently, however, we are only able to target ads to English content. As your web content
is primarily or entirely in a non-English language, we are unable to accept your website at this time. “

Why Ads? I need to pay bandwidth .. that’s the only reason.

3 thoughts on “Google Adsense

  1. Gray Thunder says:

    Well, if they what to get that way!
    I am parts:
    Cherokee Indian
    Choctaw Indian
    Lumbee Indian
    So, I ask, where is the “English” there???
    They can kiss my BLOG!

    William Gray Thunder

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