RSS feed at request! [KEYWORD RSS] has more than 11.000 newssources. Even more than

Enter a keyword and you get specified news. If you want to have a specific RSS feed from that keyword: mail me the keyword and I create a feed for you
(one word only !)

Some examples you can find here.

Ps. NewsNow has RSS only as extended feature for their subscribers.

:: update ::
AC is mentioning the Keyword RSS topic. Maybe cool new Idea feature for Mike (MyHeadlines creator) to create scraped feeds with keyword option. Cause the output is the same, so the scraper does not need to be altered only the URL.

7 thoughts on “ RSS feed at request! [KEYWORD RSS]

  1. Dennis says:

    You were hammering the site by accessing it to much (retrieve your feeds once an hour is acceptable, every 5 or 10 minutes not).
    I’ve removed you from the blacklist. So you can enjoy the feeds again.

  2. Sapman says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Sorry about that, got it automated on once every hour so don’t know why this was happening.
    Thanks anyway !

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