My Qube3 died

My qube does not eat power anymore :-( I am not happy :-((

Suddenly: smoke and flames.. Yup .. the qube3 is now officially dead :-(
Tonight we will pickup another qube3 which we were able to buy very fast through

domains down right now:


2 thoughts on “My Qube3 died

  1. Damn, that sucks big time! Seeing a Sun go supernova ought to be a breath taking experience. Guess it isn’t when the Sun is a computer and you’re sitting right next to it. :-(
    Hope you have better luck with the replacement qube3 and you’ll get the domains up and running without to much problems.

  2. jult says:

    hmmm… you seem very unlucky with these machines.
    I never had any Qube crash under my fingers,
    and believe me, I’ve seen (and still see) a lot of them.

    Think about changing the qube o.s. into raq4i o.s.
    to me it has always been more pleasant to work with.

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