The Qube3 I bought this weekend was an older Cobalt Qube (so no Sun name on the outside to be found). I did several things:

installed the Standard Edition software on the 10GB Qube3 to remove the development software which was on it (Getronics stuff I believe)
After the installation and updates of the packages we had a working system again (after 3 hours). Than we ‘saved’ the most important data from the /home folder from the crashed 20GB disk with drive-image 7 and we placed the 20GB into the new Qube3. Again we restored the OS and updated it with the update-packages..

tonight: trying to get the server back in the air with the domain.

b.t.w. is down also :-( due to severe server load, cause by MT (movabletype) his hoster is saying.

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