Samba Problem

With my first qube3 it was running within 5 minutes, but with a new qube3 (the first one, crashed and burned the mainboard) I am not able to setup the simple SAMBA stuff again:

when using:

[root log]# smbclient -I -L lilian

I am able to see the other system(s) but without the IP address it is not working.
I am not able to configure the ” linuxbackup ” as it gives error(s)

I think it has to do with hostname lookups through netbios cause I can access the linuxbox by entering \\
but the hostname is not resolved (the windows clients did not alter their configurations.

Right now I noticed that I can use IP address for the share, but not the name.

So how can I resolv the local hostnames correctly?

2 thoughts on “Samba Problem

  1. This sounds like an lmhosts problem. So how to resolve this.
    The easiest way to do this is add all the hosts in the /etc/hosts configuration (WINDIR\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on windhose). If you have a static network layout, this works just fine.
    Otherwise, it’s a long and hard road to travel.

  2. name resolving in windows is a bitch. if your sun isnt working as a wins server, please add the host in LMHOST (/etc/host will probably do as well but resolves a bit slower)

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