Magic Smoke ™

Geweldig: zit ik de Sun Qube forum te lezen zit daar een dude te vragen of hij zijn processor kan overclocken / upgraden zonder problemen.
Wordt er het volgende geschreven:

I changed the hold amd k6 300 mhz for a amd k6-2 400mhz!
The only problem I have is still reconize the 300 mhz, not the 400 mhz!
Any idea?

There is a “hack” involving installing a single bridge between two cpu socket points to upgrade the 300 Mhz models to 500 Mhz.
400 Mhz is not an option.
First, i strongly recommend against it…..

Sun Engineer:
We have actually gotten calls from people wanting help after doing this.
In about 70% of the cases all the Magic Smoke(tm) went away & basically rendered the Qube into a pretty blue piece of non-functional artwork.
fried the mainboard

Me again! Can you explain to me what is magic smoke?

Antwoord Sun Engineer:
Magic Smoke ™


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