some people @ Belgacom do suck

I received from the upper upper floor of our building a message that I had to go to Antwerpen (belgium) today to solve a problem. a VIP could not access the internet anymore and the people of Belgacom could not do the job.

the 2 people from Belgacom suck big-time
On their paper they wrote: DSL modem okay, DSL line ok, problem maybe network card??

I had to travel 2.5 hours (arrived around 15.00h) to Antwerpen to see that they did not made a tcp/ip connection on IP level to the Alcatel DSL modem. And as there was no DHCP server enabled I had to to it manually.

After I found out how PPPoE needed to work (ENTERNET) The problem was fixed in 5 minutes..

In less than 45 minutes I was back in my car knowing that a the upper upper floor people were happy again..
now driving back to Apeldoorn. Home 19.30 (traffic jam, rain, accidents.. seen it all today).

3 thoughts on “some people @ Belgacom do suck

  1. Jan F. (de) says:

    Hej dude, welcome to ICT? What in your company do
    they call a VIP? And then, if you don’t like all
    this, drivin’ around in a company car and gettin’
    payed for it, you could always go flip burgers at
    your local Mickey D. and stare down Br33zAh SluTs
    blouses ofzoiets.

  2. Gray Thunder says:

    It is about the same with “shop techs” in the landscaping business. With a lawn mower down on a job is a bad thing!!! and it was checked out that morning.
    What makes me mad as hell is you “we” drive them all day long and do know our equipment, but when the shop tech does not even know how a machine could have drained the radiator, makes me think, call Kubota.
    Well, Kubota had a answer to my problem, just the dealer shop techs did not, and I send my machines to get new blades, new fluids, etc. by these shop techs.

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