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  1. TheGreatOneGreat says:

    Lets get started, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail at thegreatonegreat@yahoo.com.

    -Top left drawer (CD)
    -Top right drawer (Memorandum)
    -Dish on desk (Thin Ring)
    -Under desk (Cassette Tape)
    -Under pillow (Golden Key)
    -Once pillow is lifted, click on the area where the bed meets the mattress, yellow bed meets the matress, under the shadows (Metal Stick)
    -Opposite side of the pillow, on the corner of the bed near the wall, in the shadows (Battery)
    -On the window frame (Silver Key)
    -Keep clicking on the curtain, something will fall (Thick Ring)
    -Open bottom left drawer with golden key (Power Cord)
    -Open bottom right drawer with silver key (Small Box)
    -Attach Power Cord to CD Player, turn it on and open the CD Drive (Key)

    NOTE: The Metal Stick and Battery may be a litte difficult to find, but keep trying.

    Take out the Small Box, place the Thin Ring and the Thick Ring in their respectful slots. Do the same to the Metal Stick. Open the Small Box and place the Cassette and Battery in their slots. Click to begin the video clip and pay very close attention. The dancing image will begin pointing to a flashing cursor at the end, dont click on it yet, just put your mouse over it. Once the clip is done, click on the location where the flashing cursor was. Click once again until you see a square in the wall, click the square to revel a safe. The combination is 1994, as can be found by following the link on the Memorandum. Place the Key in key hole once the combination is set up. Pick up the Straight Driver.

    Use the Straight Driver on the door knob and it will fall down. The door will open and you will have successfully completed the Crimson Room. Thanks for reading and send me an e-mail if you have any questions or problems.
    E-mail: thegreatonegreat@yahoo.com

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