Blogging is Booming

And so is the potential for smart marketers who embrace this high-traffic phenomenon.


Do I agree?
AroundMyRoom has almost everyday new content. Fresh and not found everywhere (the links) .. But donations to live from the Weblog: no not possible in no way. I’ve not seen any donators from my home-country (or it’s my brother in law who donated 1 euro last year) yet.

Marketeers? No .. Google Adsense would not have me last year cause I was Dutch. And although my weblog was / is english; they did not accept it. (experiment from the low-lands). Other countries and people: no problem (similar websites)

I have a few nice Donaters (you can find their names somewhere in the left-side). They helped me (last year: 2003) to pay a little bandwidth/hosting bill but further: nope I did not and am not able to have this service running from donations *yet*

even the ‘‘ which is running as a free news rss/xml aggegrator is still without any donator. People love to get things for free (no blame to them). So if people say you can earn money with you blog: tell me how ;-)

So blogging is booming, please donate.

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