Halim was scraping ANP feeds for his own site. I found the feeds some weeks ago through syndicatie.nl and was wondering how Halim was able to scrape the feeds offering the contents as his own contents (as in: having a subscription from the database of ANP). It was really looking good, but hyperlinks: no, not to the real source the feed items were taken from. Now: ANP has summoned him to stop offering the feeds.

I know that ANP is visiting my site once in the while (statics do show this). I also do offer ANP RSS feeds but the difference between Halims feed and mine is that I will forward to reader to the website the feed was taken from.

Scrapedfeeds is offering RSS feeds from @ home, showing only the ‘headline’ without the contents of the article: this is causing the reader to click and visit the original website. So in that situation my feeds are ‘equal’ to the kranten.com ruling (dutch) some years ago.

I wrote Halim some weeks that his service could give problems. Within 3 weeks the game was over and the service was closed down sooner than expected. (a disclaimer is not enough). The news articles from ANP displayed through @home and scraped by scrapedfeeds.com you can find here

One thought on “About ANP RSS FEEDS

  1. Halim says:

    Dennis, I know you warned me for this. It was nice to serve a lot of people (daily more than 20k hits). :)

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