One of the most popular weblogs in holland: will stop due to the beating one of the writers of that weblog got at his home yesterday.
With their kind of writing the crew had a lot of fans but also a number of enemies. Was he attacked due to his writing for the weblog?

I’ve not seen facts, I have not seen images, I’ve not seen any police report yet {where is the smoking gun?}.

That someone will be attacked for his writing: not okay someone must have the right of speech.
I think they stop for now and will start again cause they will not make way for terror. Ah.. and they get even more popular..

Update: Remco has some useful links with info about [dutch]

Update2: yes it was a sick joke, as expected. They wrote: our last joke without style.

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  1. Yes, the attack was related to the weblog according to Retecool.

    It’s a sad day when voicing your opinion in the media can result in someone waiting on your doorstep.

    For your convenience: I’ve got a whole bunch of links to newspaper articles and weblogs mentioning the attack at

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