Do you remember ‘’ ? in the year 2000/2001 it was the BIG hit on the Internet: The hype was on and you were allowed to send unlimited SMS messages for FREE!.

In 2001 I travelled around the world and Lilian and I communicated through sending an awful lot sms messages (between 1000 and 2000) during a 3 months time window.

I even remembered that Matthijs made an very nice application to use all services together login in and send sms from that application: mtnsms, icq, genie etc. etc.

Than providers shut down the access from MTNSMS and the hype was over.

Right now still no Dutch Providers do allow SMS messages (No coverage) from MTNSMS (now SMSBUG)

SMS Bug: send cheap SMS messages through GPRS .. great concept!

It is sucking big time that little datatransfer is costing that amount of money. GPRS and UMTS will not work and will not be a hype with this kind of rates.

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  1. hello there

    we are the creators of smsbug! we can report a strong interest in our product :) It is dissapointing to learn that in some countries data (gprs/umts) is very expensive in comparison to fixed line service providers. The only concellation is that in order to compete network operators will have to reduce there pricing models. When a technology is fairly new operators invest large amounts and have to reclaim there investments thus seeing this cost coverted into sonsumer fees. The world is a small place now and distribution of loved ones world wide has grown. Communication is essential and cost important. This is why VoIP and next generation networks will emerge and grow and in the next 10 years we will not have a need for network operators :)


  2. Hi all!

    Although GPRS traffic is sort of cheap in Spain, it seems the SMSC used by has been blacklisted by all three operators here. is a fantastic idea, but unfortunately it is not as global at it should be.

    Good work. Keep it up!

  3. I just found FishText and am using their free trial atm. They’re really cheap, like 1p/1.5 eur cents. The thing on their site tells u how much the data will cost too and it looks like it will save me tonnes over paying 12p a text to my network!! Great coverage, too, no probs texting my m8 in Spain here! it’s over at

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