I’m a HTML nono but I am happy with the progress of the weblog and how it is looking now. I had to make some choises and permalinks to week entries do not exist anymore. Right now all entries are saved in a folder, and stored in month archives. Gives some 404 errors but that’s life. Sometimes you have to make choices.

Remarks are welcome, but I’ve never received much comments on any of my weblog entries. Probably I do not write in a way so that people feel they need to react.

Tonight also busy with, added 2 new scraped rss feeds for European Championship Footbal news.

Psst. I scrape at request. It’s free!!!

6 thoughts on “progress

  1. Hi, just wanted to inform you that though i like the new fresh look, it look crappy in Mozilla/Firebird.
    btw good to see scrapefeeds back online

  2. Well, found one, it’s a webbug in IE. The banner picture is actually 98 pixels high, but in the css it’s only declared 39 px. If you make that 98, the contents drops 60pixles in Mozilla. So that’s on.
    On with the right-block …

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