Posting with a Mobile Phone to Movabletype 3

I am using this Perl script, orginally taken from this website

The script is altered: no authentication through mail-address and this first version script has the username and pwd stored in the file. Version 2 of this script is a no go for me due to the fact that the from and subject is encoded (iso 8859) from my mobile phone as shown in a previous entry. The script cannot rip and or detect these extra bogus characters causing the XML-RPC call not to work.

Some hints and tips

1. add username to /etc/mail/aliases (or /etc/aliases) ie.
ireceivethemail: “|”

2. create with ln -s a symbolic link from the location of the to /usr/adm/sm.bin/ otherwise sendmail cannot use this script when receiving mail.

Of course I know this script is far from perfect but it has been made in 2002 and I’ve not seen any updates since. I prefer this type of script above any other POP3 script cause with this I the entry is posted instantly and a cronjob is not necessary so that load keeps minimum on the server.

Credits to: Raffi Krikorian

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