SMS / E-mail with XMLRPC [help needed]

Message from cellphone is seen as: From: “=?ISO-8859-1?Q?”
where only is allowed to be used from the script

# confirm that the message is from somebody that is allowed to post to
# the blog
my $from = $header->get( “From”, 0 );
$from =~ s/^(?:\”?.*?\”?\s*\]+)\>?.*?$/$1/;
chop $from;
my %is_authAddress;
for( @authAddress ) { $is_authAddress{$_} = 1; }
exit 0 if( !$is_authAddress{$from} );

From this script I understand that now the whole line is seen as FROM address. in 99% of the cases this works fine but not with my Sony/Ericsson T610
Also: from the subject the [password] is chopped, but ?= at the end must be removed also including the first ?ISO stuff.

Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?[password]?=
Here password is used to see if you are allowed to use it rest must be removed.
My knowledge about scripting / perl scripting is too little to understand how to chop if exist. Any help is appreciated.

Please notice that when using ie. Thunderbird for E-mail or Eudora or a webbased mailapplication this script is working.

6 thoughts on “SMS / E-mail with XMLRPC [help needed]

  1. It looks like newlines are not parsed corectly. I know next to nothing about Perl though I’m affraid.

    If you can alter the config file of your mailsoftware you can send a raw mail to a PHP script.

    From there you can take it apart and post any form you like with any action you like.

    Be a bit carefull though with sending your password as subject because mail is sent as plain text.

  2. Ed says:

    Strange…cannot resolve this problem because I am not running MT. But have you tried the suggestion I posted earlier? The client application on your mobile phone? It is also compliant with XMLRPC and it supports MT. Again:
    If I were you, I would give it a try…

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