Holiday in Barcelona

This week (wednesday) we travel to Barcelona, the city I’ve visited many times when I had a girlfriend for 9 months overthere.
Now visiting the city with my wife.
Overthere: visiting work, giving training to my collegues and enjoy the good food together with Lilian.
Staying at Hotel LLoret nearby or even at the Ramblas gives us a good start visiting all nice sightseeing spots. And of course: the good food and tapas.

One thought on “Holiday in Barcelona

  1. Dani says:

    Hey! Hope you enjoy in Barcelona, I used to work near your hotel, nice place.

    Next time you could come in Sant Joan (St. John, June 24th). Maybe you know it, there´s a big party all over the country, with fireworks and big bonfires, wellcoming summer.

    By the way, I enjoy reading your weblog. But maybe less than you´re going to enjoy with tapas, wine and sun*. ;)

    *Note for readers: Please, be careful with the sun. One day UE will make us pay all the skin treatments if tourist keep sunbathing (and burning themselves) like lizards. ;)

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