Typepad [dutch version]

The NL version of Typepad has launched. I wish Maarten Schenk good luck.
As I read information correctly Typepad is for the somewhat more experienced or advanced weblogger .. Mmm but will they pay 60 euro’s a year for that? When they can get if free at 20six.nl or use web-log.nl?

I even wonder if the ‘Dutch’ weblog community will notice this all. Difference between US bloggers and Dutch loggers (in my opinion) is that there are only a few people following the development of weblogs. 90% of what I see is cut and past weblogging: finding entries somewhere else and paste it as a linkdump at the weblog.
I see it daily happen in my scrapedfeeds.com aggegrator.

It’s a pitty you cannot look into future ;-)

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