Tech Geek News: Bluetooth Vulnerability Widcomm Software

Yesterday I got the message (or read) that the most used software for Bluetooth Dongles, Widcomm software has a Vulnerability.

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Connectivity Software Buffer Overflows
Okay, that’s a little shocking as 70 to 80 percent of the Bluetooth Dongles sold do use this application Software.
The vendor status about this vulnerability is that Release 3.0 will fix this issue.

Little facts
Right now Widcomm is sold to many vendors using different IC’s. Among them are Ie. Broadcom and CSR (Bluecore2) with Bluetooth spec. 1.1
Versions of Widcomm are sold up to version 1.4.2.x but no updates for BT 1.1 are expected anymore.

Widcomm has been aquired by Broadcom a few month’s ago.
The Widcomm software BTW 3.0 does only work with bluetooth spec 1.2 and is only? working together with the broadcom chipset. It’s hardly to believe that the CSR chipset (Bluecore3) can operate together with this Widcomm (BTW 3.0) software

So in fact the BTW 3.0 software is not the real solution as allmost 99% of all dongles sold in the past are BT spec 1.1

Solutions are:
Using: IVT software, Using Microsoft’s SP2 with XP with standard bluetooth support (but lack of many profiles).
set the Bluetooth device configuration to be non-discoverable or hidden. This will not stop the device from being vulnerable but it may limit the exposure or stop using bluetooth ;-)

The choice is yours.

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