Geek Stuff: Yahoogroups to Access to Mysql #2

Today with some help added some code to the AccessDatabase.
Now new stuff will be added to the database .. One-Click solution.

INSERT INTO archive ( YahooMessageID, FromUser, FromEmail, Subject, SubjectSrt, RecDate, Message, AttCount, NewMsgFlag )
SELECT tblYgr_mixfreaks.YahooMessageID, tblYgr_mixfreaks.From, tblYgr_mixfreaks.FromEmail, tblYgr_mixfreaks.Subject, tblYgr_mixfreaks.SubjectSrt, tblYgr_mixfreaks.RecDate, tblYgr_mixfreaks.Message, tblYgr_mixfreaks.AttCount, tblYgr_mixfreaks.NewMsgFlag
FROM tblYgr_mixfreaks LEFT JOIN archive ON tblYgr_mixfreaks.YahooMessageID = archive.YahooMessageID
WHERE (((archive.YahooMessageID) Is Null));

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