BattleStar Gallactica, TV Series and Torrent

I watched the Battlestar Gallactica series with Adama, Boomer, Starbuck etc. when I was young. Last year in 2003 I watched the Sci-Fi mini Series of Battlestar Gallactica. It was only aired at the Sci-Fi channel in the US. People around the world where able to watch it through bittorrent (I did). Starbuck became a girl and the mini-series was a huge success. Sci-Fi announced that BattleStar Gallactica will have its own series again in 2005.

I was suprised that SkyOne is broadcasting the series also. And more suprisingly: the first episode was already aired last week. Why suprised? The Sci-Fi channel is starting the series in 2005. Searched bittorrent and this afternoon I was watching on my TV, with a Wireless Video Network device the first episode: called 33

Right now downloading weekly through Bittorrent:
CSI New York, Hawaii, Medical Investigation, LAX and Joey! More about US TV Series: TVTome a shame I still cannot find David Letterman.

No idea when all of this is going to be broadcasted in The Netherlands but surely we have to wait at least 1 year …..

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