C64DTV Easter Eggs II

Another easteregg revealed:
in ‘list’ mode scroll to the 0 block free. Press left fire button. In the upper left you will see some ‘greetzto’ Pressing fire button again another persons name is mentioned.

My sample has some wierd stuff; in list mode it can crash easily, not loading basic correctly (system halt) even possible that when doing a reset the normal games do not load anymore.

update: after playing for 2 / 3 hours: is my piece broken? I dunno, but what I know is that it will not boot normally again: screen messed up and when loading the menu: I get the blue screen with ready and nothing else. Even in the egg menu trying to start cliff diving I get syntax error in line 34 .. Welcome in the wonderful world of pre-samples. B.t.w. my sample is having printed 041029. the box says 041030

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