Trying to get BroadBand

Top Ten* reasons that Adam Curry can’t get broadband access at his new place:
10. The term, “broad” band is a tad bit sexist, don’t you think?
9. Asking for the “big pipe” means something altogether different in Britain.
8. Starbucks is paying to keep Adam coming there for expensive lattes and fast Net access.
7. Overheard at NTL: “Adam Curry? Who the bloody hell is Adam Curry?”
6. Overheard at NTL: “If we give him 2Mbps he will want 4Mbps. Where does it end?”
5. Overheard at NTL: “That Internet thing … do you suppose that’s ever going to catch on?”
4. Overheard at NTL: “He just wants it for porn…”
3. Overheard at NTL: “He’s got dial-up, what’s the rush?”
2. Overheard at NTL: “This guy called to order service but all he kept saying was BOING, BOING, BOING”
And the NUMBER ONE reason that Adam can’t get broadband…

When he called NTL he told them that he was the ‘Prince of Pod’ but the salesagent thought she heard ‘Prince of Darkness’.

[ from his comments by Jeff ]

I am praying that the move of my DSL line to my new home will go without any problem

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