Driving a motercycle for an advertisement

MEXICO CITY (Hollywood Reporter) – Mexican television actor Edgar Ponce died after a car plowed into a motorcycle he was riding during the unauthorized filming of an advertisement.

Ponce died in a Mexico City hospital; three other actors, also riding motorcycles at the time, sustained injuries. The accident occurred during the filming of an advertisement for “Solo Para Mujeres” (For Women Only), a live male striptease show. The ad was to air on a TV variety show “No Manches.”

According to a statement released from the Mexico City police department, the shoot took place on a main artery in southern Mexico City. The police report said a speeding vehicle slammed into a caravan of moving motorcycles used for the plug. Producer Sergio Mayer “did not request police assistance” for the filming, the department said.

A spokesman at Mexico City’s attorney general’s office said the driver had alcohol on his breath yet it still hasn’t been determined if he had passed the legal limit. He added that the driver and the producer could be held responsible for the actor’s death.

Of course it was filmed and put on the internet ..

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